DPC Damp Proofing Injection Cream 400 ml Cartridge.  Maximize

DPC Damp Proofing Injection Cream 400 ml Cartridge.

N-Virol DPC Damp Proofing Injection Cream is a ready to use, highly effective silicone/ siloxane emulsion suitable for brick, stone and masonry walls for the control of rising damp. DPC Cream is inserted in to 12mm pre drilled holes in the mortar bed at 120mm intervals; preferably at perpend joints, for an effective damp course treatment.

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Treat walls with damp course cream applied along the base of the wall to form a continuous DPC barrier. The DPC injection cream migrates to form a pore liner in damp walls to create a chemical damp proof course to stop rising damp. This application can be applied internally and/or externally depending on wall thickness and type of construction. A replastering specification should be carried out to complete the process.

400 ml of DPC Injection cream will provide 4meters of treatment in a 4.5" wall and 2 meters in a 9" wall.

A 350mm extension injection nozzle is included with each order for damp proofing cream

Extra extension injection nozzles are available in Packs of 10.

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