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Silicone Water Seal 25 Litres

N-virol Silicone Waterseal 25 litre exterior masonry water repellent, for use on dry or damp walls. This silicone based exterior waterproofer is designed to stop water from penetrating through the substrate, but is still "breathable" allowing vapour to leave the building without restriction.

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Silicone Waterseal is an exterior masonry water repellent. It protects brickwork against rain, damp and frost damage. Once cured, it prevents water and damp from penetrating through external brick, block or stone walls,whilst being permeable to water vapour and gases allowing the brick and stone to breathe.

Unlike solvent systems Silicone Waterseal CAN BE USED ON DAMP WALLS.

The application of our exterior water repellent is the easy, modern and safe method used by the remedial building trade. 

For porous brickwork spray a second flood coat whilst the walls are still wet from the first.

Vertical external walls and pitched roofs. Ideal for porous substrates such as stonework, brickwork and untreated concrete. Can be used on patios and paving slabs to help with cleaning.

 Guaranteed for 10 years

  • Water based for use on dry or damp walls
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Non hazardous
  • Only one coat required
  • Easy to apply with brush or spray
  • Penetrates deep into the substrate
  • Superior performance to solvent based systems
  • Protects against dust, dirt and efflorescence
  • Waterproofs
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