Patiowyse Patio, Path and Indian Sandstone Sealer

Patiowyse patio, path and Indian sandstone sealer provides a waterproof seal which protects the substrate from weathering, cracking and staining. It is suitable for various hard surfaces including concrete, Indian sandstone, brickwork & stone.

Patiowyse provides a visible beading effect to demonstrate the performance of the product by preventing water from penetrating the surface.

  • Sealer for Indain sandstone, paths, patios and internal stone floors
  • Protects surfaces from staining, cracking & weathering
  • Leaves an invisible finish (not wet look)
  • Treatment can last up to 15 years without reapplication
  • Perfect for barbecue and outdoor cooking areas to prevent oil, fat and grease stains
  • Ready to use out the container
  • Covers approximately 50m2


5 litres

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