ULTRA GEO Basement Tanking Membrane

ULTRA GEO is a Geotextile Basement Tanking Cavity Drain Membrane which can be externally applied. It is a multi layered cavity drain membrane designed for use in basement and below ground construction waterproofing.

The primary function of ULTRA GEO membrane is to act as a waterproofing barrier by diverting ground water away from the structure to a suitably positioned land drain.

The three layers comprise of a 'slip' sheet which is placed against the primary barrier of a SuperSeal Plus liquid membrane and allows for lateral movement against the primary barrier. It has an 8mm stud HDPE cavity drain membrane and a Geotextile filter which protects and prevents silt blockages of the drain membrane.

When used as specified, this method of structural waterproofing conforms to a Type A barrier system in accordance with BS8102: 2009; code of practice for the protection of structures against water from the ground.

ULTRA GEO membrane is installed and sealed using fixing plugs and double sided sealing tape. A capping detail is also available.

Roll Size

2mtrs x 15mtrs (30m2)

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